More Than A Gut Feeling Platinum is a new and comprehensive eLearning course expanding upon the time-tested series by Paul C. Green, PhD. The More Than A Gut Feeling DVD and streaming video series has been the trusted source for behavior-based interviewing techniques and best practices for decades. Now with brand new and updated content, the eLearning version of the course is packed with additional features such as the interview Booster Shot and the Disastrous Interview. The course illustrates the techniques of effective behavior-based interviewing and shares strategies to help recruiters, interviewers, leaders, and HR professionals build skills in this critically important area. The new Platinum Edition is developed with SCORM and xAPI capability and is available as an eLearning course, streaming video, and DVD from Prositions.

“Years of research has shown that past actions are effective predictors of job performance,” commented Paul C. Green, PhD, industrial-organizational psychologist and author of the More Than a Gut Feeling video series. “Platinum took years to develop. It includes interactive online training based on More Than A Gut Feeling, a complete version of More Than a Gut Feeling IV, and a humorous example of what happens when an interviewer uses a free-form approach instead of a structured interview.”

Dr. Green has conducted hundreds of workshops, seminars, and large audience speeches on the use of behavioral strategies in effective interviewing. He now offers a revised presentation strategy along with updated tips on how to develop structured interviews with scoring options.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have a close working relationship with Dr. Green,” expressed Robin Salsberry, President of Prositions, Inc. “The addition of More Than A Gut Feeling Platinum is exciting because his content has been a favorite of trainers since 1982. I’m a firm believer in his behavior-based interviewing model and have used this approach in making hundreds of successful hires to build our teams.”

More Than a Gut Feeling is one of the most popular interview training tools in the world today. It introduces the science of interviewing in practical language and models key interviewing techniques, such as asking past-event questions. Gut Feeling videos and materials have been available for 33 years in over 25 countries and all major languages. Enjoy a complimentary course preview of More Than a Gut Feeling Platinum.

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