Workplace Violence Training for All Employees & Staff

Getting Real About Workplace Violence is a new training program that enables quick and decisive action when every second counts.


From the team that helped create some of the first video guidance on surviving an active shooter event, comes a fresh and new instructional video. Getting Real About Workplace Violence is an 18-minute program designed for front-line employees and staff, developed in light of recommended training requirements outlined in the American National Standard on Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention. Thoughtfully designed and produced to increase awareness and empower viewers, this program informs but doesn’t overwhelm.


This program follows 3 main aspects of workplace violence: awareness, prevention, and response.  Getting Real About Workplace Violence addresses some of the most challenging issues facing our society today and is based on the knowledge and experience of Jim Sporleder, a security industry veteran of more than 25 years. Jim has trained thousands of U.S. military personnel from some of the most elite units in the U.S. Department of Defense. He served as President of The Center for Personal Protection and Safety from 2004 to 2015, where he spear-headed special program initiatives and was lead developer and project director for all media-based training.

What to expect:

  • 26 minutes of videos broken into 3 segments:
    • Awareness (10 minutes)
    • Prevention & Response (8 minutes)
    • Manager’s Role (8 minutes)
  • Define workplace violence
  • Know two questions to sharpen awareness to potential workplace violence
  • Know how to respond to concerning behavior
  • Recognize, understand, and respond to the potential impact of domestic violence on your workplace
  • Know what response options you have if caught inside an act of extreme violence
  • Manager’s role in prevention and response

Download the Course Outline

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Key Training Points


Often times, people explain away behavior in the workplace that makes them uncomfortable, but stops short of physical violence. Getting Real About Workplace Violence gives viewers a more complete and clear understanding of what workplace violence is and that it’s not simply limited to physically violent behavior.



Violence in the workplace is something that typically evolves over time and is often accompanied by concerning behaviors that can indicate the potential for violence. Getting Real About Workplace Violence helps viewers be more aware of the signs that can indicate someone might be on a pathway to violence AND what they can do to help prevent it.


Prevention is always the first goal, but it’s important to be prepared if violence does erupt… wherever or however that happens. Getting Real About Workplace Violence presents response options in the event of extreme violence. Carefully presented in a way that doesn’t overwhelm, the program offers three critical options to optimize safety and chances of survival.


The Manager Module contains specific training that highlights their critical role in identifying concerning behaviors and diffusing potential situations from escalating. There is a concentration on the keys to look for in employees and the questions to ask in the early, middle, and late stages of workplace violence.

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