DashTrain Performance Support Features & Functionality

Just-in-time micro-video and audio learning bites

DashTrain Features Make Learning Easier

DashTrain is the first truly mobile learning solution that ALL of your employees can access, even if they work in the field, in a plant, or on-the-go.


Micro-Video and Audio Learning Bites

Reinforce training with short and specific bursts of knowledge that easily fit into any professional’s busy schedule to provide them with just-in-time learning. Today’s learners need the ability to fit training in any time they can. The audio learning bites are perfect for those who are on-the-go or prefer auditory learning.

> > Use both video and audio learning bites to keep learner’s engaged and improve their understanding.


Comprehensive Subject Areas

Give your learners one place to go for instruction on 20 of the most requested training topics. They’ll find learning bites on leadership, diversity, communication, technology, customer service, and more.

> > With over 3,000 video and audio learning bites, they’re sure to find the information they’re looking for.

New Releases & Updates

Keep your content relevant as you continually get access to new and updated training libraries at no additional cost. As libraries are added, updated, and expanded, your learners will automatically gain access to the new video and audio learning bites.

> > You never have to worry about your learners accessing outdated or incorrect information.

High-Quality Libraries

The video and audio learning bites in DashTrain were created by leading subject matter experts and come from best-selling training libraries and books. Shot in high-definition video, the learning bites look great in every screen. Many of these award-winning titles were produced with a design methodology that keeps learners engaged through compelling graphics and fast-moving scripts.

> > Trust that the content your learners are accessing is of the highest quality available.

Ability to Curate Libraries

Customize the learning experience by choosing which audio and video libraries you make available to your organization. DashTrain gives you the flexibility to curate content libraries and select as many or as few as you would like. This means you can fill DashTrain with libraries that relate to a few specific topics or have video and audio learning bites on a variety of subjects.

> > Mix and match our award-winning libraries with your own training content.

Option to Host Your Own Videos

Host your own training videos in DashTrain. This option is perfect for the training team who is making content in-house. You can easily pair your own videos with any or all of our libraries to create a complete learning resource.

> > DashTrain consolidates all of your learning into one easy-to-use platform to improve performance. 

DashTrain Functionality Makes Learning Adaptive

DashTrain has a Mobile Application

Mobile Application & Desktop Platform

Make your video and audio learning bites available when it’s most convenient for your learners. By downloading the free mobile application, they can access their training anywhere and anytime. Learners can even download audio-only content for offline listening within the app.

> > With DashTrain learners have the ultimate flexibility to learn when and how they want to.

Offline Audio

Listen to audio-only content with ease. Users have the ability to download audio-only content for offline listening within the mobile app. This is perfect for learners who are regularly in situations where it is hard to focus on a screen – like traveling in a car, commuting on a train, flying for business, or even while exercising.

> > Offline audio provides an adaptive experience by delivering the same great training content in a unique format that fits better with some learning styles.

DashTrain Application has offline audio capabilities
DashTrain has predictive search

Predictive Search

Find video and audio quickly and easily with predictive search. The mobile application and desktop platform have a powerful search feature that gives learners rapid results for their keyword searches.

Immediate suggestions tor training content display as you type and continue to refine to show the most relevant video and audio learning bites.

> > The predictive search makes navigating the libraries a breeze for any level of technology user.

Ratings & Recommendations

Identify the highest rated video and audio learning bites by referencing the thumbs up/down ratings from other DashTrain users. Underneath each learning bite, the recommended audio and video titles guide users to continue learning with related content.

> > This creates an enhanced learning experience where a learner can dive deeper into a topic with learning bites that are relevant to their need in that moment.

DashTrain recommends related audio and video
DashTrain has predictive search

Administration & Reporting

Simplify administration of DashTrain with an easy-to-use interface that makes adding and removing libraries quick and painless. Managing users is simple and easy, too. You can add or remove users, see expiring libraries, and monitor user head counts. Also download search queries to know what topics users are looking for.

> > Basic reporting features help you track utilization of learning bites from our libraries and your own hosted videos.

Single Sign-On

Expedite the sign-in process with our single sign-on integrations for faster access to video and audio learning bites.

Branded Platform

Customize the DashTrain login page with your organization’s logo to help your learners quickly identify they are in the right place.

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