DashTrain Performance Support Features & Functionality

Just-in-time micro-video and audio learning bites

High-Quality Libraries from Leading Experts and Best-Selling Authors

The video and audio learning bites in DashTrain were created by leading subject matter experts and come from best-selling training libraries and books. Shot in high-definition video, the learning bites look great in every screen. Many of these award-winning titles were produced with a design methodology that keeps learners engaged through compelling graphics and fast-moving scripts.

Everything in DashTrain is geared to be short, specific bursts of knowledge that easily fit into any professional’s busy schedule to provide them with just-in-time learning. The audio learning bites are perfect for those who are on the go or prefer auditory learning.

Give your learners one place to go for instruction on 20 of the most requested training topics. They’ll find learning bites on leadership, diversity, communication, technology, customer service, and more.

> > With over 3,000 video and audio learning bites, your learners are sure to find the information they’re looking for.


Leadership Skills

LEAD NOW! Audio and Video Library

This library of 44 video and audio modules features the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model that builds and refines your employees’ skills around business and people results.

Safety Skills

Management Coach Video Library

Teach important safety and health skills to learners working in the field and on the floor.

Mentoring & Coaching

Make Mentoring Count Video Library

Build mentoring and coaching skills with 16 short modules to assist your leaders with their journey to become an effective mentor and coach.

Technology Tutorials

dummies Performance Support Library

Answer everyday computer questions with accurate, bite-sized content at your employee’s exact moment of need with the most trusted how-to brand in the world.

Business Skills

TERO Business Skills Video Library

Dedicated to professionals looking to grow, no matter where they are at in their career – learn from videos on a variety of topics around professional development.

Customer Service

Telephoe Doctor Customer Service Training Video Library

Learn phrases, techniques, and etiquette on how best to handle customer service telephone calls.

Best-Selling Authors & Subject Matter Experts

Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon is an American author and speaker on the topics of leadership, culture, sales, and teamwork.

John Parker Stewart

John Parker Stewart is an internationally recognized speaker, executive coach, leadership consultant, and published author.

Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart is a sought-after leadership and talent consultant and coach with proven experience in leadership development.

Deborah Rinner

Deborah Rinner is an expert on business etiquette, cultural communication, and presenting a positive image.

Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez is a a corporate training expert on presentation skills, negotiation, leadership etiquette, and team building.

Karissa Thacker

Karissa Thacker is a workplace psychologist, executive coach, author, and leading expert on the art and science of authentic leadership.

Lois Zachary

Lois Zachary is an internationally recognized expert on mentoring and has been cited as “one of the top 100 minds in leadership” today.

Marnie Green

Marnie E. Green is the nation’s go-to expert in the development of public sector leaders and is the author of the Painless Performance series.

Michele Whitty

Michele Whitty is a certified corporate etiquette trainer and expert on communication, presentation skills, and leadership.

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of communication, sales, and customer service.

Paul GReen

Valerie M. Grubb is the author of Clash of the Generations and an internationally recognized speaker and trainer.

Rowena Crosbie

Ro Crosbie is a premier trainer and author on business etiquette, presentation skills, and sales.

Wayne Bruns

Wayne Bruns is an expert in writing, presentation skills, broadcasting, and voice control.

Hugh Murray

Hugh Murray is a human resources expert on team building, conflict resolution, and mentoring.

Topics in DashTrain:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Diversity
  • Culture
  • Engagement
  • HR Compliance
  • Harassment/Bias
  • Safety/Health
  • Technology
  • IT Security
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Business Skills
  • Performance Improvement
  • Legal Compliance
  • And more

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