Just-In-Time Micro-Video & Audio

With over 3,000 audio and video titles on 20 of the most in-demand subjects, DashTrain gives your learners access to performance support when they need it at work or on-the-go.

What Is DashTrain?

Imagine giving your employees access to instant advice and help from the world’s leading business experts and best-selling authors. Then add the leading how-to library of micro-videos on the most common software applications and technology subjects.

Mix in short, but powerful, behavior vignettes that model successful examples of managers, supervisors, sales reps, and employees handling some of the toughest situations they may face during their workday.

And finally, serve these video and audio learning bites on a mobile-first application that is accessible at their fingertips – anytime and anywhere they need it.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not – it’s DashTrain.

Your Training Videos

Host your own training videos in DashTrain. This option is perfect for the training team who is making content in-house.

Flexible Subscriptions

Select from month-to-month subscriptions, annual contracts, and multi-year agreements.


Curated Libraries

Customize the learning experience by choosing which audio and video libraries you make available to your organization.

Convenient Access

Learners can download a free mobile app to access DashTrain and all the video and audio learning bites available to them.

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