You Can’t Do It All: Effective Delegation for Supervisors



You Can’t Do It All: Effective Delegation for Supervisors

Most accomplished leaders would agree that delegation is one of the most important skills (if not the most important skill) in their repertoire.

Why? Imagine your own situation: Are you a manager or supervisor who comes in early, stays late, and gives 110 percent? Then delegation will help you improve your results while decreasing the time you spend at work.

Do you wish your employees were more loyal to you or the organization? When you delegate well, your employees widen their horizons, develop new skills, and enjoy a new level of authority. That usually leads to an impressive increase in loyalty and commitment.

Would you like to move up? As you use your newly freed time to tackle tougher organizational issues, you’ll become a more valuable contributor—and highly promotable!

In short, effective delegation produces a win all around!

It’s much more difficult to practice effective delegation than it is simply to understand it. But if you apply this book’s techniques, you’ll find yourself managing the delegation process with assurance in no time!

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