The Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty


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The Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty, features a series of four video segments and three video shorts that each illustrate a different aspect of customer service. This course offers a comprehensive overview of service from understanding the customer and building loyal relationships to handling upset customers with professionalism and ease.

Video Segments:

  • Remember Me (10 Min): Define the limit of what a customer will put up with before the give up on you and your organization
  • WAYMISH: Why Are You Making It So Hard…for me to give you my money? (18 Min): Understand the value of each customer and avoid common mistakes that drive people away
  • Call of the Mummy (19 Min): Explore the problem solving skills and attitude necessary to meet customer expectations
  • Mad About Customer Service (15 Min): Outline the skills necessary to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one

Video Shorts:

  • The Sound of the Service Opener (2 Min): Avoid customers’ pet peeves with these helpful alternative words & phrases
  • The WAYMISH Factor (2 1/2 Min): Illustrate the need of keeping customers happy with sets of potent statistics
  • The Sound of the Service Closer (2 Min): Summarize the key skills of great customer service with the S.E.R.V.I.C.E. acronym

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