Relationship Strategies: How to Identify & Communicate with the Four Behavioral Styles Workbook




Both historical and contemporary research reveal more than a dozen models of our behavioral differences, but many share one common thread: the grouping of behavior into four categories. The Relationship Strategies model focuses on patterns of external, observable behaviors using scales of directness and openness that each style exhibits. Because we can see and hear these external behaviors, it becomes much easier to “read” people. This model is simple, practical, and easy to remember and use You will be able to identify ways that you can apply your style strengths or modify your style weaknesses in order to meet the needs of a particular situation or relationship. This is called adaptability. Social scientists call it social intelligence. There’s been a lot written lately on how your social intelligence is as important as your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in being successful in today’s world. In some cases, social intelligence is even more important than IQ. No matter what you do — doctor, lawyer, business professional, in sales, service, high tech or blue collar — the aptitude for relating to and connecting with others will take on more and more importance as a key to success today and in the future. Imagine the benefits of understanding how to treat people the way they want to be treated! Your interactions with people can change dramatically. Shaky relationships can suddenly become good ones. Good relationships can now be even better than before. You will learn that the Platinum Rule is: “Do unto others as THEY would have you do unto them.”

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