More Than a Gut Feeling Platinum

More Than a Gut Feeling is one of the most popular interview training tools in the world today

Full Course Includes
  • 7-question assessment with instructional feedback
  • 28-minute video
  • 10 in-video questions with instructional feedback
  • 13 question comprehensive post-test; scored
  • Downloadable PDF resources include:
    • Illegal interviewing questions
    • Reference guide of key points
    • Sample structured interview
    • Article: Understand Behavior-Based Interviewing by Paul C. Green, PhD
How-To Training Points
  • Use a job description and job research to build a structured interview
  • Gain a behavioral predictor and project job performance
  • Use questions to guide and control the interview
  • Make hiring decisions based on job-related skills, not gut feelings
  • Explain why the behavior-based approach is so important in selection today
  • Use a job-related approach that will support defensibility
Additional Course Modules
  • The Disastrous Interview
  • The Booster Shot on Interviewing
Delivery Methods
  • For use with or without a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Compliant with AICC, SCORM 1.2 or 2004, xAPI (TinCan)
  • Mobile/Tablet ready: iOA, Blackberry, Android, or Windows
  • 45-minute average seat time

More Than a Gut Feeling Platinum eLearning Course

In this Platinum Edition eLearning course, trainees learn behavior-based interviewing skills to make the right hiring decisions. The course is built around the More Than A Gut Feeling training video and begins with a short self-assessment to help trainees identify what they know and what they will learn. Then, they are engaged by a dramatic story line that explains key skills and models effective interview behavior. Learning is enhanced through a series of interactive, multiple-choice questions that are embedded in the story as Dr. Green gives feedback on each response. Finally, there is a comprehensive post-test that allows trainees to apply what was learned.

The Platinum Edition course offers two additional learning modules for trainees to apply and fine-tune their knowledge of behavior-based interviewing.

The Disastrous Interview provides an interactive learning experience on how interviewer errors can lead to unreliable measurement and “turn-off” a talented candidate.The additional module uses game-like interactivity to teach learners about interviewing errors. Learners identify and capture errors in a classic prerecorded interview video. Dr. Green then guides learners through a self-assessment and explains how to minimize interviewing errors.

The Booster Shot summarizes the key skills used by a behavior-based interviewer. Altogether, this module shows you how to use more than a gut feeling in making hiring decisions. Dr. Green hosts this video and refers to dramatically-acted examples from More Than a Gut Feeling IV that model behavior. This is an ideal tool to refresh and boost behavior-based interviewing skills just before conducting an interview.

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