MentorString Software Features

Easy to use, cloud-based software to quickly and conveniently conduct effective mentoring

Why MentorString?

MentorString is a powerful virtual mentoring and secure social collaboration platform that is revolutionizing the way organizations manage and develop talent. This application allows organizations to easily implement and administer mentoring and coaching programs. In addition, it helps busy users quickly and conveniently perform all the critical functions needed to conduct effective mentoring and coaching engagements from any platform or location.

Intuitive Design

Anyone who has used traditional social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter will easily and intuitively know how to use MentorString. No training required!

Ease of Use

The platform is based on a simple design concept where each user has a Profile that contains their background information, strengths, and competencies. A quick file transfer or our new LinkedIn update feature can conveniently populate the Profile.


Smart Search

Intelligent algorithms and diagrams allow users to search for mentors, mentees, experts, groups, and content. The software also allows for search by name, function, location, and relationship.


The system provides auto-matching or administrative search and assignment to select the best-qualified mentors for users. It will also auto-match for relevant discussion groups and subject matter experts.

Virtual Tools

Several timesaving tools are included such as reusable mentoring plan templates and hundreds of generic competency and skill-based models that make it quick and easy to create and customize a variety of mentoring and coaching programs.

Universal Access

MentorString can be accessed from almost all computer platforms and smart devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Auto notifications allow for disconnected alerts and system reminders.

Key Features

MentorString offers the perfect combination of virtual mentoring tools with secure social collaboration features. Its patent-pending StringDiagram, Individual Action Plans, and powerful Reporting capabilities allow organizations to democratize learning and mentoring.


A revolutionary new tool to quickly visualize how people are connecting based on the type and value of the information being shared.

Individual Action/Development Plans

Organizes the step-by-step interactions between mentors and mentees or can be used as a self-development learning tool. Facilitates virtual and live communication threads with robust document and file sharing.

Powerful Discussion Groups

Users can create and search for approved discussion Groups and communities of practice. Supports one-to-many or many-to-many mentoring and collaboration programs.

Calendars & Reminders

Built in Calendars and remote reminders ensure that meetings and commitments don’t get overlooked or missed. Syncs with most major calendaring programs!

Robust Administration & Reporting

Simple administration and powerful Reporting tools require minimal time commitments while delivering true enterprise-class software functionality and security. Integrates with most talent and learning management systems and allows for single sign on (SSO) for intranets and HR portals.

Benefits of Choosing MentorString

The highly intuitive user interface requires little or no training and the administration costs and time can be significantly reduced with the assistance of Prositions’ dedicated implementation team and their unique Rapid Implementation and Adoption Programs (RIP/RAP).

Highly Configurable

Mimics your own organizational look and feel with configurable RGB colors, logos, terminology, and language. Easy to import and export personnel records, data, and other relevant files. New LinkedIn tool allows for one-click Profile population.

Dedicated Team of Support Specialists
No lengthy learning or training time required for administrators or users. A dedicated team of implementation and customer service specialists will help set up your system and support your users. Secure cloud hosting requires minimal IT support.
Built-In Training & Development

The system includes built-in training and development programs for mentors, leaders, managers, and supervisors or link to your own libraries of internal and external content.

Experience our newest built-in training program, Make Mentoring Count, a 16-module video series with exclusive content from Dr. Lois J. Zachary; the course includes Individual Action Plans (IAPs) on how to be an effective mentor.

Supports All Types of Programs

The system facilitates one-on-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many types of mentoring/coaching programs. It can be used for career, performance, and leadership development and supports most onboarding and social learning initiatives.

Builds Employee Engagement
Secure social collaboration features allow for all types of virtual communication and engagement programs. Because the system is based on employee strengths and development needs, our research shows much higher levels of user involvement and satisfaction over other collaboration applications.
Reduce Costs & Expand Effectiveness
Flexible and affordable payment and pay-per-use options mean the administrator can accurately manage the licensing budget and only pay for active users of the system. This allows organizations to reach a much larger audience and stretch their investment to reach those users who need it most.

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