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Transform talent through virtual mentoring and social knowledge transfer with access to unique features like the StringDiagram and individual action/development plans.

MentorString¬†is Prositions’ cloud-based software platform that helps organizations deliver and support mentoring and coaching programs.


MentorString is a virtual mentoring and social collaboration platform revolutionizing the way organizations manage and develop talent. It comes with a robust set of tools allowing users to collaborate and share ideas, information, and data.

The most unique feature, the StringDiagram, provides administrators and users with the ability to build collaboration connections regardless of tenure or level of responsibility.

This new Democratized Coaching model cuts the overall delivery and administration costs in half while significantly increasing the quality of the experience and performance results for the users.

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MentorString can help your organization facilitate and automate a mentoring program, connect and develop employees in an organization of any size, and deliver individual action/development plans to accelerate learning.

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