DashTrain Benefits & Uses

Learn how this performance support tool will benefit your organization

DashTrain Benefits Any Size Organization

Save Thousands of $ Per Employee Annually

Research shows that employees spend (on average) 1 to 2 hours a day searching the Internet for information to help them become more productive on the job. This results in thousands of dollars in lost productivity and wasted time. Now with DashTrain, your employees can access off-the-shelf content and even your own internal videos in less time than before. Not only does it save you time and money, but the cataloging predictive search engine provides a unique and truly customized learning experience.

Adaptive Learning

The world has shifted; people crave customized interactions. Training is no different. Provide your learners with an experience that allows them to choose how and when they learn and select which materials to use. You can give them access to as many or as few training titles as you’d like, to curate the content available to them in DashTrain. You have the ability to limit the titles they can access to only those you have approved.

No Desk, No Problem

What happens if your employees don’t work at a desk or have limited access to a computer? Recent studies have shown that over 70% of employees use their personal smartphones and tablets for training and development on the job. DashTrain is a mobile-first application that is perfect for the learner who is difficult to reach with traditional approaches. In fact, the high-definition video and audio quality looks better on a phone than in a standard eLearning course. The free application is available on Android and iOS.

Built for the Modern Learner

DashTrain was created for the modern learner who needs information quickly and conveniently. With people’s dwindling attention spans and the prevalence of technology, training needs to be delivered in a form that is short, targeted, and mobile friendly. DashTrain provides users with video and audio learning bites in a convenient and approachable way to increase utilization and retention of information. Cater to the needs of the modern learner with DashTrain.

Use DashTrain Alongside Your Other Development Programs

Reinforce Training

You invest tremendous amounts of time and money into traditional training and eLearning – ensure it results in the desired outcomes by providing a resource that your learners can use before and after consuming new information. You don’t have to reinforce learning via your training and development team alone; technology can do a lot of the work for you. DashTrain facilitates reinforcement with ease.


Supplement Training

People are finding less time to engage in meaningful learning and professional development. According to a recent whitepaper, today’s professionals can only dedicate 1% of their time to training and development on a weekly basis. By supplementing training, you can provide your learned with more opportunities to squeeze learning in when they can. DashTrain can be used to support existing management initiatives and eLearning in traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Just-In-Time Performance Support

The DashTrain mobile application serves up video and audio learning bites in a convenient and accessible way. With built-in rapid search, this performance support engine gives users immediate access to the specific content required at their exact moment of need. Your learners can then quickly apply a skill after viewing or listening to the learning bites. It works best in situations where your employees need an immediate answer or guidance to a time-sensitive problem.

Video and Audio Libraries in DashTrain